We’ve seen them in movies,Why Hair Laser Treatment Is the Best Hair Regrowth Stimulation Technique Articles disco houses, hospitals, and malls. Since its invention in 1950s by Gordon Gould, LASERs (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) have been used for their many industrial, communication, cosmetic, and medical uses.But not all lasers are alike. There are two types of lasers: low energy and high energy lasers. Because the use of high energy lasers is more popularized, it makes people fear the sound of laser in the treatment of alopecia.Use of Low Level Instead of High Level LaserAlopecia is a cosmetic issue that has adverse effects on a patient. It can cause internal struggles and social anxieties. Although there are quite a number of conventional treatments for the condition, hair laser treatment is a technique that offers no side

effects.However, the type of laser used during therapy is a low or cold energy laser. To put it more simply, this therapy is the exact opposite of laser hair removal. Unlike high level lasers that can deliver up to 100,000 watts, low level lasers can only render up to 100 watts.Difference in Wavelengths in Laser Treatment for Hair LossIt bears repeating that not all lasers are alike—even if they fall under the same category. Because there has been no standard procedure for the management of alopecia through hair laser treatment, cold lasers mostly differ in wavelengths applied and thus, they can differ in effects.Experts believe that there are certain ranges of wavelengths https://klimaoazis.hu/  that are effective for hair growth stimulation.

Lasers set at 670 nanometers are believed to be more effective than other wavelengths used for the purpose whereas wavelengths that exceed at least 800 nanometers pose different biological effects as they can better increase mitochondrial ATP production.How Low Level Laser Treatment WorksIt was in the 1970s when the therapeutic application of low level lasers in the treatment for androgenetic alopecia was discovered by Professor Endre Mester. Scientists believe that the mechanism of LLL is directed towards stimulating the hair growth process through the principles of photobiostimulation and vasodilation.Photobiostimulation is a process by which light energy becomes chemical energy to be used for improving cellular metabolism and overall function. Vasodilation, on the other hand, is the process of expanding the small blood vessels in the follicles to allow entry for sufficient food and oxygen for the cells.Through both of these processes, dormant hair follicle cells become reenergized and well-nourished and hence, the purported effect.Safe to UseHair laser treatment is only offered for the treatment of mild to moderate androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness in men and women. They are generally safe since they do not have any thermal, sonic, or vibratory components. As a matter of fact, cold lasers meet all international standards for a non-significant risk laser. This is the reason they do not produce any side effects.

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